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OG Kush Blueberry ! Lets Get Medicated Michigan
May 19, 2011 10:04 PM PDT
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Today we ask you to join us in Supporting Weed..

You Love It, We Love It, Everyone Loves it - Hey it's WEED. The Breakfast of America.

Weed wrote us the other day and told us that it was under attack in many states; but particularly in Michigan. can you believe that bs ?

Mayn we can't let em gang up on the blunt can we ?

Click the tape to getcha chalice fulla higrade

Click this tape to listen to the Dubwise plea from Weed We Know that if you're in Michigan and you're registered you may know about this mess. however if you're not, check this bs out.

Dear Badgal,

There is a lot of legislative action in Lansing regarding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. None of it is favorable and some of it could be a death blow to our law.

SB377, would keep Law Enforcement databases, updated with information from the registry.

It would in real time tell police the name and location of everyone in the registry. Talking about a fishing expedition.

Sb17 would imprison patients in their home. DUID laws would make it illegal for patients to drive.

There is more legislation being drafted as we speak. The politicians believe they have the super majority needed to overturn our law.

It is up to us to stop their momentum and get the word out, that the sick in Michigan are being abused by politicians. Please join us May 25th at high noon, on the steps of the capitol in Lansing.

The press will be there as well as film crews. Please don’t think that there will be enough people without you or we will fail. Take a vacation day. Wear a disguise if you need to, but don’t sit at home.

We all need your help to save our law.

See you on the 25th, Blueberry

OohhG Kush Blueberry !

You know me and Cap’n Crushed will be there amongst the crowd. we’re with you as we’ve been from the start. And you know we’ll be there till the end. we think it’s time the FDA got off it’s sorry asses and treated America’ citizens with Medical Marijuana. We also believe that many of these very politricks; are smokers and tokers who just don’t want to be outted.

This presents us with an interesting possibility –

So Do we Smoke out them ?

I say that if you know one of Michigan’s legislator’s is a smoker or a toker, point that buddy out. Lets not let them stand to the side and abandon us because it’s politically fashionable right now.

We Pay Taxes and as such we deserve representation for our votes and tax money. The time they took to tell us that they’d do the job, now comes back to choke their asses. we need to blow the smokescreen away and reveal who these folks really are. there should never be any revelations to law enforcement about anyones’ health records. EVER.

This is the spark that will burn their asses if we truly intend to neutralize their negative intentions. so Smoke on this shit for a while and then come back and check out our Smoke Out on May 25th on Tumblr at The Four Twenty Times – sponsored by BadGalsRadio.com.

We Think You Deserve The Truth and We’re Gonna Bring It,

Now Fire Up That Funk Tokers,

THE WOMENS POLITICS MIXTAPE * Men it's time you Manned UP and Stopped This Woman Killing
May 06, 2011 12:34 AM PDT
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Women carrying a sign reading 'Gbagbo Leave. Enough is Enough' cheer as they arrive to join an unauthorized protest calling for Laurent Gbagbo to step down, in the Treichville neighborhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Monday, Feb. 28, 2011.(AP / Rebecca Blackwell)

Women carrying a sign reading 'Gbagbo Leave. Enough is Enough' cheer as they arrive to join an unauthorized protest calling for Laurent Gbagbo to step down, in the Treichville neighborhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Monday, Feb. 28, 2011.(AP / Rebecca Blackwell)

This photo was taken right before the women in Ivory Coast were savagely mowed down by machine guns mounted on tanks; directed by former president Laurent Gbagbo.

This picture made us realize that Women Are The Targets of All The Political Violence happening in the world today. We've written on Darfur and the rapes of the women and girls who fear each days trip to collect firewood or water. We've also talked about the women who are being raped as torture in many countries all across Africa, and the Middle East.

It's time that we never see this picture ever again..

With that said We here at BadGalsRadio.com have decided to put our words into the universe for Mother Karma to work her magic for her daughters.

Clearly Todays' Men have Too Much Salt in their diets. This Man Salt is poisoning the World.

As the Mothers of Creation we are due much more than the treatment we're seeing over and over again directed specifically At WOMEN.

Today Men, We Offer YOU an Understanding of Why You Must Stop This NOW - OR FACE EXTINCTION; at your own hand.

Take a Moment and Click This Mixtape if You Can Handle the Truth. If Not Click It to Get Strong and MAN UP.

Recognize That WOmen MADE YOU. Therefore WOmen can stop producing you.

Take a Moment and Click This Mixtape if You Can Handle the Truth - Click the Tape to Listen / Right Click it to Save It to Your Computer 

Click the Tape to Listen / Right Click it to Save It to Your Computer

As proof, we submit this simple observation that may shock some of you back into present reality - Did You Realize that due to the over estrogenization of the planet; men are loosing testosterone and the birth count shows 7 girls born to each boy. Now if that's not enough proof we give you this Man Up Moment -

Did you realize men that more than 3/4's of men surveyed when arrested or incarcerated admit to male to male sexual activity. Yes Men you also seem to be developing quite a Gay Gene; shall we say. because if genetics are correct, you should be looking for Sally instead of Steve; if you want to create yourself in your own image.

Otherwise you will find yourselves slowly disappearing.

Ask the Men of India, China and Africa - they are now actively seeking women; because of their decades of Femicide. what you seem to keep forgetting is that by Killing Women YOU Are EXTERMINATING YOUR OWNSELVES.

Men it's time you Manned UP and Stopped This Woman Killing.

These Crucial Men's Tracks are Contained in This Mixtape / Podcast about Women's Politics :

  • Liberation Time - Capleton
  • Government A Watch - Isiah Mentor
  • What's Happening - Sizzla Kolonji
  • Gun Fight - Gappy Ranks
  • Police State- Dead Prez
  • Johnny Too Beef - Mos Def Minty Beats
  • War (Stink Riddim) - Bounty Killa
  • Power to The People - Public Enemy
  • Scared of Revolution - Third Eye & The Last Poets
  • Fear of A Black Planet - Public Enemy
  • Living The Life of a Gun - Taurrus Riley
  • Murduration - Gyptian and Barrington Levy
  • Armagedeon War (Mama ASID Remix) - Joseph Hill and Culture
  • Mama ASID Dubplate - Isiah Mentor

The Crown H.I.M. Riddim is our background track to Segment One on The Murder of the Women of the Ivory Coast. Eden Dub is our background track to Segment Two on the Women of The Middle East.

Producer: Mama ASID - the Iriginal BadGal for BadGalsRadio.com / RawRootsPodcast.  

Produced: March 6-7th, 2011 at Realities Studios Motown;

Duration: 64:00 MP3 Format 44.1 - 64k Stereo Format - Which Will Play in Your Browser.

Audiophiles - The larger 256k format can be downloaded here and burned to cd - for maximum enjoyment

Copyright: All Rights to Original copyright holders for all music used in this podcast; Podcast copyright 03/07/2011 - BadGalsRadio.com / RE Ausetkmt

LIBYA We Gon Have Our Freedom - Khaled M Speaks
April 27, 2011 11:57 PM PDT
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We sat down with Khaled M recently and discussed the shituation in Libya. Khaled has a special inside view to share with us since he spent most of his childhood on the run in America; hiding from Mu'amer Gaddafi.


Khaled is the voice of his generation; who are filling the streets of Libya; and demanding their freedom. Have you ever heard of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya - NFSL ? Listen up as Khaled lays down the real facts straight from Benghazi.

we discuss the romanticized lie that Gaddafi calls his Jamahariya. If only he knew how deep we've dug into his crates. Mama ASID reveals the shocking revelation about Where Gaddafi Was Really Born - and It Wasn't In Libya.

listen in as we discuss the spaghetti junction of payments Gadaffi has made to many African governments; and then their mercenaries to support slavery and keep wars going. We also delve into the Slavery and Racism Issues which have made this such a selatious item.

Trust us, He's Burning the Bodies Right Now..

How much do you know about Colonel Gaddafi's relationship with Silvio Berlesconi; and that key to the backdoor of the villa ? Yeahhhh we got the dirt from Italy on the Catwalker. so this is one podcast you don't want to miss.

We highly suggest you get a cold drink and settle in for a very different view of who this mixed up warmonger really is. Khaled and Mama ASID don't hold back so this is truly history for the listening.

This International Bombshell soundtrack contains such hits as :

  • Can't Take Our Freedom
  • Lights Out
  • Follow My Lead
  • Aywa
The background soundtrack to the interviews is from Lil Armenia by Bei Ru.

Producer: Mama ASID - the Iriginal BadGal for BadGalsRadio.com / RawRootsPodcast.

Produced: March 18-20th, 2011 at Realities Studios Motown;

Duration: 64:00 MP3 Format 44.1 - 64k Stereo Format - Which Will Play in Your Browser.

Copyright: All Rights to Original copyright holders for all music used in this podcast; Podcast copyright 03/20/2011 - BadGalsRadio.com / RE Ausetkmt

Buju Just Wants To Be Loved
March 08, 2011 10:18 AM PST
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Yes Buju has seen his date with Destiny this week. with that passed he awaits his sentencing in contemplation. This must be a very difficult time for him and his loved ones. Knowing this we decided to offer this bit of consolation to his fanbase.

We want to remember him like this

click the mixtape to listen to the mixtape / right cick to download to your computer



Join us on a short trip down the Gargamel Highway

  • Ring di alarm
  • Sensimilla Persecution
  • Let Dem Know (damage control riddim)
  • Innocent
  • Struggle Together
  • Wanna Be Loved
  • Not an Easy Road
  • Destiny
  • Legalize It

Duration : 33:37 in 256k / 44.1 mb Stereo Format Produced : 02/24/2011 - at the Sunshine Shop in Tampa Florida Producers: Mama ASID/ RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio.com and ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem. Copyrights: BadGalsRadio - ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem 2011 for the podcast. All Rights Reserved to Original Musical Copyright Holders.

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  Tags: buju banton,drugs, cocaine, jamaica, trials, destiny, podcast, mixtape Twitter Tags: #badgalsradio #reggae-mixtape #buju-banton #jamaica

TIVOLI STORIES * PART 4 - The Aftermath
January 23, 2011 09:01 PM PST
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click to listen to Tivoli Stories Part Four - The Aftermath

Tivoli Stories Again.. This time the Part you all know

Click the Tape to Listen to the Podcast - it's hosted on the servers of BadGalsRadio.com not Podomatic

Part Four - The Aftermath..

This is a whole different perspective from the past, about the future. the music, the news, the vibe; all reflect the future that will surely come to Jamaica; too late to save it from running kicking and screaming into the past.

Death to the shotta mentality and to the garrison politics that have all but killed the Jamaica of One Love.

If you get the opportunity we suggest you check out Betta Mus Come. this movie trailer that will give you a view of what made Tivoli the volcano that it has become Today.

Remember that Dudus is in Jail in New York awaiting trial for crimes of others; including his dead father.

Why ?

Because the US has an attitude of if it can it will. Buju is proof of that.

Pass this on because the next release will deal with the court journey and the evidence trail mounting against Dudus.

Strength is what YOU Are; Weak is what they want for you to be,

Welcome to the Insecurity Zone
January 15, 2011 07:22 PM PST
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Click the Cassette to Listen Now

This podcast is being housed on the servers of BadGalsRadio.com not Podomatic.com since they limit our bandwidth; and prevent you from hearing it

Hello 2011 and Welcome to the Insecurity Zone,

Episode 1 includes this nuclear soundtrack :
  • American Terrorist - Lupe Fiasco
  • Bad Reputation - Vybz Kartel
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco
  • Friend or Foe - Chase Cross
  • Buddah in The Air - The Beatnuts
  • History Time - Mos Def in Dub
  • Listen To Hear - Talib Kweli
  • Sleepin with the Enemy Remix - Diamond D
  • Mama Say - Versatile
Duration : 39:17 in 256k / 44.1 mb Stereo Format Produced : 01/04/2011 - at the Sunshine Shop in Tampa Florida Producers: Mama ASID/ RE Ausetkmt and Papa ASID Copyrights: BadGalsRadio - ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem 2011 for the podcast. All Rights Reserved to Original Musical Copyright Holders.

We Welcome You to our new Series -

The Insecurity Zone

The 2011 Insecurity Zone is all about the things that make people and governments insecure. we're planning a full series of Podcasts specifically on the Political Peccadilloes that are becoming our everyday news staples.

This first episode starts out with our discussions on the new American Terrorist - The Citizen and Journalist.

Can you imagine that the US Government has declared war on the Truth ?

Certainly we can all see the signs of a media crackdown; and a test of American personal liberties. At the open of the year 2011 the US Government began playing with a whole new set of rules for both employees and citizens alike.

These days there are more questions about who you heard something from and how you feel about it - than the actual item that should be the object of the discussion. It seems that the government spy facilities are on overtime; with no view at normalization.

A memo that said any and all contacts with the media are required to be reported; was the opening salvo for the majority of government workers. Even those in non sensitive positions are being queried about their media contacts. whether they are personal or business - all contact with the media is now a discussion item. which means the vicious cycle of media repression is in place.

If it had not been for the Wiki-leaks we'd still know little to nothing about the inside world of our government diplomacy machine. much of what we've learned at this point has not been top secret, but still relevant and very interesting. Each cable reveals the disdain and tenacity that the US State Department is exercising around the globe.

Foreign governments are as well being uncloaked. This is what the world has been waiting for. It took a mastermind like Julian Assange to finally snatch the cover off the machinations of our diplomatic watchers. The war statistics alone were clear proof; that every move they make, should be on the table under the bright light of public scrutiny. These backroom under the table deals are what have American blood flowing daily in Afghanistani poppy fields and Iraqii oil fields.

We hope that this series will serve as your reminder of what they don't want you to think about; even though you know you need to. this time we don't ask you to duck and cover, but to instead open your minds and explore the reality of the facts. We will reveal finally "who are the real pawns" in this game of diplomatic fuckery.

TIVOLI-STORIES* PART 5 - The Truth They Tried To Twist
December 22, 2010 07:56 PM PST
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We Present for you TIVOLI-STORIES* PART 5

The Truth They Tried To Twist -

Tell The Truth To Tivoli

click the tape to download Tivoli Stories Part 5 Click to Listen or right click the tape and select Save to download your copy of Tivoli Stories Part 5

So of course you already know that this is the Opening Salvo on the Tivioli Stories Episode Five - The Letter T; The Truth They Tried To Twist - Tell The Truth To Tivoli.

  • Burnin and Lootin - Kymani Marley w. Alborosie
  • They Call it Murder - Damien Marley
  • Small Axe - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Ambush in the night live in Nigeria - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Terrorists - Israel Vibration
  • Roman Soldiers of Babylon - Jaob Miller and Inner Circle
  • We Struggle - Bounty Killa w. Wayne Marshall, Mad Antz
  • Rampage - Buju Banton
  • Murda Dem a Play Remix - Bryan Art w. Queen Ifrika
  • Dub Wise - Dubmatix
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco (Bad Reputation Riddim)
  • Bugle - Give Thanks
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - first half
  • Erup - Beat Dem
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - second half
Duration : A Divine 62 Minutes / 64k Digital Media @ 256 MHZ for Maximum Boom
Produced : 12/19/10 by RE Ausetkmt for ASID Hi-Power SoundStudios. UK/JM/US
Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; and RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio.com; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

Jamaica is a hotbed of news activity - most surrounding the recent Wiki Leaks. suprisingly Desmond McKenzie the mayor of Kingston was hit between the eyes when he was named in the Dudus affair as a wall builder. Whew..

so many folks are getting hit upside the head in town, that it's beginning to seem like a collection point for the international headhunters. really reallly reallllly not good. specially if you've done something under the guise of government action. that's illegal incase they forgot - so that means we're gonna see a whole new class of criminals being collected.

wonder where they'll house em since they can't obviously put them in with the regular criminals. shiddd, they're wayyyy too dangerous and crafty for that. the rest of the ordinary criminals would immediately fall prey to these high level manipulators. that's all we need to add to the picture to make it bubble past curry.

Sight This :

WIKILEAKS: McKenzie tried to prevent Coke extradition 2010-12-22 09:54:08

Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie - file photo

The British-based Guardian newspaper has released a damning cable from the US Government obtained through Wikileaks which claims that the Mayor of Kingston Desmond McKenzie met with US Embassy officials to lobby against the extradition of alleged crime lord, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The leaked cable dated September 2, 2009, said McKenzie started the meeting by pointedly stating that the Government of Jamaica faced a serious crisis because of Washington's request for the extradition of Christopher Coke to stand trial on narcotics and firearms charges in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

According to the cable, McKenzie warned about "severe repercussions" and "collateral damage" if Coke were to be extradited

My My My Myyyyy My... Desmond knew better and surely this cannot go unpunished. the mayor of the capital city colluding to prevent the capture of a known wanted man ? this is not what anyone would expect - but the reality is that he did it to keep his city from burning to the ground.

Desmond like all political powerbrokers knows who holds the cards, at any given moment. therefore he knew that Dwight Nelson would pour lighter fluid on him and set his city ablaze if he didn't do something. we think you're starting to get the picture more clearly now of how this all played out.

Unfortunantly Dwight Nelson seems to think that his hands are clean even though he is the most culpable in the entire situation. his actions were particularly dubious toward the Jamaican People and for that he should most certainly be measured, drawn and quartered - in the prison oval.

Be it for all to see, because this is the only way to stop this type of organized criminal government activity. The Prime Minister waited as long as he could to deliver his skim milk response to the entire scandal. if he had any real bamboo he'd take it and beat himself over the coconuts until he gets his cabinet in gear. This is the response to the WikiLeaks revelations from the office of Prime Minister Bruce Golding

Men Who Swear on Lil Bibles must think we don't realize that it was also another lying man who RE-Wrote and Shrunk the Truth Out of Their Lil Books

Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on the allegations contained in WikiLeaks report

Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding

Following the publication on Tuesday, of what is reported to be a classified internal missive by an official of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuba which commented negatively on Jamaica’s level of cooperation with Cuba in countering drug trafficking, the Prime Minister directed the Minister of National Security to carry out investigations into the allegations and submit a report to him.

The investigations confirm that in 2009 concern was expressed by officials of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior about the failure of the unit within the JCF to adequately respond to communication from its Cuban counterpart. The officer who headed that unit and who had been assigned in 2006 was replaced and the unit was reorganized and renamed the Transnational Crime Narcotics Division.

Since then, there has been full and active cooperation between Jamaica and Cuba on counter-narcotics surveillance and interdiction and no concern has been expressed by officials of the Cuban government. This cooperation has since assisted in the conviction of a number of persons on charges of drug trafficking.

Officers from the Transnational Crime Narcotics Division and other security forces personnel have made a number of visits to Cuba, the most recent being less than a month ago, to confer with Cuban authorities on ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and measures to strengthen cooperation between Jamaica and Cuba. These include greater interface among high level officers of both countries involved in counter narcotics, intelligence sharing and interdiction operations.

Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister

This is the response from Dwight Nelsons Office to the allegations that his dept has both done nothing and also stood mute at a meeting with the Cubans on the Drug Interdiction Problems. He is arguing with Admiral Lewin who makes many good points - that of course Dwight Nelson rides right over..

somebody slap him till his lipstick straightens please.. Me never know a duppy fi walk a daytime.. so him mussa zombie.

WikiLeaks embroils Nelson, Lewin in new war of words Arthur Hall, Senior Staff Reporter The WikiLeaks release of a 2009 cable highlighting Cuban authorities' concerns about Jamaica's efforts to deal with the international drug trade has sparked a fresh war of words between National Security Minister Dwight Nelson and former police commissioner, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin. Rear Admiral Lewin

The two men had a public spat earlier this year after Lewin charged that alleged crime boss Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was tipped off minutes after he briefed Nelson about an extradition request from the United States.

With that dispute still simmering below the surface, the two men are at it again.

Late last week, Lewin told The Gleaner that he had no recollection of Cuba having a problem with the force during 2009, as suggested by the leaked cable.

Dwight Nelson fires back

Lewin also shot down an earlier suggestion from Nelson that the then head of the Narcotics Division, Senior Superintendent Carlton Wilson, was reassigned because of these concerns.

According to Lewin, Wilson was transferred under his watch, but it had nothing to do with complaints from Cuba.

Nelson fired back in a release yesterday. While again not naming Wilson, the security minister refuted the claims of the former commissioner.

Nelson said a probe by a high- powered team (that he led) found that there were at least 20 letters from the Cuban government between January 2006 and November 2009 addressed to the head of the JCF Narcotics Division.

The security minister claimed these letters included requests for information on persons arrested in Cuba on suspected drug activities.

According to Nelson, there was no record of responses to the Cubans.

"The Government of Jamaica finds it hard to believe that the then commissioner (Lewin) was unaware of these letters from the Cuban government, and the subsequent failure to respond," the national security minister's release stated yesterday.

Nelson also stood by his December 16 statement that any improvement in the relations between Kingston and Havana came after the head of the Narcotics Division was removed and the division renamed.

But again he was careful not to make an overt link between the Cuban concerns and the transfer.

"It is a fact that it was subsequent to this officer's removal, restructuring and renaming of the division, and a visit to Cuba by the new head that a new cooperation developed between the JCF's Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division and the Cuban authorities," said Nelson.

However, he did not respond to Lewin's claim that the Jamaican Government's handling of the WikiLeaks cable was unfortunate.

Nelson also steered clear of the claim by chairman of the Police Officers' Association, Senior Superintendent Michael James, that Wilson's reassignment was routine.

James last week argued that Wilson's reassignment gave him greater responsibility and really reflected a promotion.

According to Nelson, the comments by the former commissioner were examined by an investigating committee from his ministry which included himself; his acting permanent secretary, Dianne McIntosh; Deputy Police Commissioner Glenmore Hinds, and Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Antony Anderson.

Other members of the investigating team were JDF Colonel Trevor Lecky; Superintendent Wrenford Robinson, of the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division, and Assistant Superintendent Keisha Scott.

(end of clippings)

We would like to graciously Thank the Jamaican Political Artist Clovis for capturing the situation "just so". he puts emotion on paper much like we write it - with a dash of scotchbonnet.

This is the wrap up for 2010 of the Tivoli Stories. we will start a whole new episode series in 2011 and hopefully you'll subscribe to get it All. In our next episode Jamaicas' intrigue goes international; as the New York Conspiracy Trial begins for Christopher "Dudus" Coke.

you won't want to miss a moment so be sure you subscribe

Today In honor of the genius of Gregory Isaacs We Let Off A Lil Sumptin
December 30, 2010 09:00 PM PST
itunes pic

Today In honor of the genius of Gregory Isaacs We Let Off A Lil Sumptin

We've put together just a very few of his hits to take us down memory lane.  Do You Remember where you were when you heard your first Gregory Isaacs Tune? Who you were with. What you were doing.  It's all key to your love affair with The Cool Ruler.  Because once you heard him, you became a fan.

right click to save to your harddrive - or click to listen to it live

Right click to save Gregory Isaacs -  Timeless Rendition to your harddrive - or click to listen to it live on BadGalsRadio.com

For Me, it was a tape given to me by a friend.  In the old days Rastamen courted their potential queens with Music, Fruit, Incense and Ishens.  yes those were the days..  The tape had alot of music on it, but most of it was Gregory Isaacs.  That tape created an instant fan.  from that day in 1977 I was hooked on the coolness of Gregory Isaacs.

This compilation is to highlight his career as an artist, producer and record label owner.  Many people forget that his African Museum Label released all of Gregorys' music begining in the late 1990's.  He did alot of tunes for  a great many of the hottest producers of the day.  But His Work came out of African Museum; and it had that special sound.

When you listen to his voice, you can't help but to feel the gritty smooth rudeness of the Kingston of the 1970's and 80's. Mostly because he croons it like thick coconut jelly.  There will be many but there will only be One Cool Ruler.

This Tribute Contains the Following Twenty Tunes - along with a short two part biographical commentary.  Next Week we will release the soundtrack minus narration; in two parts.

Be Sure You Subscribe so that you'll receive the first notice of the download.

To download this podcast - simply right click on the tape  above and select Save As and download the file to your harddrive.  For the sake of nostalgia, you can then burn it to CD Rom.  Or you can  just upload it to your mp3 player and enjoy.

  1. Ready We Ready - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  2. Addicted to You - Gregory Isaacs
  3. Idlers Corner - Gregory Isaacs and the Mighty Diamonds
  4. Feeling Irie - Gregory Isaacs
  5. Something Nice - Gregory Isaacs
  6. Dreadlocks Love Affair - Gregory Isaacs
  7. Stranger in Your Town - Gregory Isaacs
  8. Cool Down the Pace - Gregory Isaacs
  9. Hush Darling - Gregory Isaacs
  10. Body Language - Gregory Isaacs
  11. Oh What a Feeling - Gregory Isaacs
  12. Raggamuffin - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  13. Let Off Sumptin - Gregory Isaacs with Dennis Brown and Josie Wales
  14. Rumors - Gregory Isaacs
  15. Solitary Confinement - Gregory Isaacs
  16. The Border - Gregory Isaacs
  17. A Riot - Gregory Isaacs
  18. Mr Cop - Gregory Isaacs and Macka B
  19. Payroll - Gregory Isaacs
  20. Slavemaster - Gregory Isaacs
Duration : 77 Minutes / 64k Digital Media @ 256 MHZ for Maximum Boom
Produced : 11/09/10 by RE Ausetkmt for ASID Hi-Power Sound. UK/JM/US and BadGalsRadio.com

Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio.com; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

PODCAST HOTNESS – Welcome Into The Abyss of Blackness Mixtape
November 04, 2010 11:10 PM PDT
itunes pic


Click the tape to download/listen to -  Into The Abyss of Blackness


This is the first is a series of new pods / mixtapes dropping this fall from ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem. Our brand new Show is of course Mecca Amaru - Truth on a Platter.


This is Mecca's hottest New Drop produced just for our fans here at BadGalsRadio.com.


For those in the ATL you probably rub elbows and bob heads regularly with Mecca when he's out and about. he likes to keep his face on the quietside so you'll eventually get peek at the Man of Truth.  FYI He's a featured writer for  Atlanta's Rolling Out Weekly.  We Hope that You'll subscribe to BadGalsRadio so that as soon as Mecca's Hottest New Mixes pop you'll be first to get the drop.

Keep it Flowing and Share it With Your Camp - This is Gold


Into The Abyss of Blackness Tracklist


  • Star - The Roots

  • Good Morning - Kanye West

  • Who do you Believe In - Scarface

  • Rest of My life - Nas

  • Crumblin Erb - Outkast

  • Assassination - Dead Prez

  • Put you on game - Lupe Fiasco

  • Die - Beanie Siegel

  • One Day - UGK

  • Stay True - Ghost Face Killah

  • Hold ya Head - Makaveli

  • Black Maybe - Common

  • Wake Up - Brand Nubian

  • Hell - Talib Kweli

  • Sun Light - Wu-tang Clan

  • I wonder - Kanye West

  • Fighters - Lupe Fiasco

  • Beach Chair - Jay-Z & Chris Martin

  • Exhibit E

  • Cause I’m Black - Styles P & Black Though


Duration  : A Divine 73 Minutes / 64k Digital Media @ 256k MHZ for Maximum Boom



Produced  : 07/29/10 by Mecca Amaru and RE Ausetkmt for ASID Hi-Power  SoundStudios. UK/JM/US


Copyright  : all rights reserved to original copyright owners;  Mecca Amaru and RE  Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio.com; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and  Studios  UK/JM/US

BadGals Tell No Lies - It's FREE Mixtape Wednesday
April 27, 2010 01:35 PM PDT
itunes pic

Let a Real BadGal Tell Yuh bout it baby,

Some of you who listen to BadGalsRadio may have heard our Remixed version of this tune. Since we're feeling extra generous today, We're Giving You a Free Remix Wednesday -

Enjoy Our Version of Kingston State of Mind, mixed in the Sunshineshop during the spring of 2009 .  


This is of course our clever way of alerting you to the impending release of Tivoli Stories Pt.4.

expect to see it hit the airwaves within the next two weeks. we are awaiting some court actions to take place before we drop this episode, to be more timely. We Promise much more hot news this episode.  

Enjoy Babies, cause this is the reality of Kingston Today


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